Premier Occupational Medicine

We are committed to serving others and achieving the best results
for our customers and patients

Every day, Premier Occupational Medicine strives to provide high-quality and compassionate health care for employers and employees. We provide safe, cost-effective outcomes and exceeding customer service expectations. Premier Occupational Medicine also ensures an exceptional employee experience through a pleasant work environment that is interesting, fulfilling and rewarding.

Our practice focuses exclusively on occupational medicine and employee health. We remain up to date on the latest advancements in occupational medicine and focused on the top issues affecting employers regarding the health and productivity of their workforces. We also familiarize ourselves with our customer’s work environment. This allows us to better relate to employer and employee expectations and challenges within their specific work environment.

Premier Occupational Medicine is focused on the immediate, comprehensive medical treatment of employees who have sustained a work-related injury. We handle non-life or limb threatening injuries and illnesses. Our outcomes yield a faster and safer return to work while reducing the costs associated with work-related injuries. We also provide work-related physical exams. Saving time and money is important to you. As such, we don’t require appointments; your employees are welcome to walk into one of our nearby centers and begin care with our clinical experts.

Experience and expertise are crucial. You want a provider who understands all the regulations, requirements, and ramifications of the applicable exam. Premier Occupational Medicine is that provider and we’re ready to partner with your company and workforce. Premier Occupational Medicine providers are DOT certified to ensure proper completion of all DOT forms and requirements.